Rules and Agreement
  1. You may not play the champion Tahm in this tournament. This is because he's just been released and players have not yet found the time to understand how to play him, build him and play against him.
  2. All participants in the team must use level 30 summoner accounts in order to compete. Since the tournament will be using "Tournament Draft" mode, each account is also required to have at least 16 champions available (NOT including the free weekly champions).
  3. Players who do not currently reside in MENA (Middle East and North Africa) are not allowed to compete, if any team is found to have players from outside this region, the team will be disqualified without given the opportunity to replace the offending player. A verification check will be in place.
  4. Each team consists of 5 members that should be declared during the registration period, the team is free to change the players up until one hour before the start of the tournament.
  5. A team has the option to have 1 substitute who should be declared during the registration period and can be changed up until one hour before the start of the tournament.
  6. The judge (spectator) in each game has final judgement in any situation that arises in the game. The judge's decision will not be affected by any players in the game. The Judge's verdict will be finalized and reviewed by the other judges if necessary. The verdict cannot be changed after it's been announced.
  7. Players should use the /pause command for any technical issues. If the technical problem persists after the 30 minutes limit expires, players will be forced to continue with the current disadvantage. If the technical issue happens in the first 5 minutes of the game, judges will offer to remake the game with the same picks and bans. Also, In the rare case that Riot servers are acting up and causing unplayable competitive environment; The game will be remade with the same picks and bans.
  8. Players can use the /pause command whenever necessary during the game. However, when players want to resume the game, players should ask the opposing team if they are ready to resume the game. In case a /resume was used without a confirmation of the opposing team, a ruling will be put in place which may disqualify the offending team. The misuse of /pause or /resume command, will automatically disqualify the offending team.
  9. Players will display sportsmanship behavior (i.e. in-game, in-between games, in-lobby, etc) therefore harassment, trash talk, and vulgar behavior will NOT be tolerated and will cause the offending team to get disqualified and be banned from future tournaments.
  10. If players are cheating, hacking and/or scripting, they will automatically be disqualified from the tournament, and if necessary, may be banned from any future tournaments.
  11. A player can not be in two different teams, if this occurs, both teams that have the same player will be automatically disqualified.
  12. If the game servers are not working before or after the games, then the games will be rescheduled
  13. If all players can not arrive in game at the appropriate time plus 10 minutes of game schedule, the team that is not ready will be disqualified. If both teams do not arrive in time, they will both be disqualified from the tournament.
  14. One person per team will add the judge to his friends list of that particular game. If there are any questions, then they should be immediately whispered to the judge. If necessary, the judge will take action and issue a ruling. Alternatively, we will have a TeamSpeak server running with all the judges available on it. At any point of time, during/before/after the game you can contact the judges.
  15. You may not exploit any bugged champion or any bugged element of the game during this tournament, any acts of exploitation will be grounds for automatic disqualification from the tournament.
  16. All games will be recorded and posted on the website as soon as conveniently possible after the tournament.
  17. We have the right to post the matches on any social media at anytime and live streams. By entering the tournament the players/teams agree to these terms of service.
  18. /all is not allowed in the tournament under ANY circumstances until the game is over (Victory/Lose Screen). /all is ONLY allowed to ask the opposing team to /unpause (anything more than that, will cause a disqualification)
  19. Registration fees are non-refundable in any situation, even if the team can't participate or gets disqualified.
  20. All rules may be subject to change before, during, or after any given point of the tournament and all players agree to abide by them.
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